Need a team of SEO experts or a specialist? Finding qualified and knowledgeable search engine optimization specialists to add to your marketing team and boost the visibility of your website is now easy to do in the USA.

Having SEO Specialist in your team who understands your business and clients can be a big sigh of relief knowing that your business can stay afloat and keep docking at different clients without spending big anywhere else such as on ads; with enhanced SEO you can save up your budget and deliver more ROI than other channels.

SEO takes time, but usually costs much less than PPC (pay per click). On the other hand, PPC takes less than an hour, but costs much higher than SEO. 

SEO Experience

SEO experts typically have experience ranging from a few months to 9–10 years. You can decide who you need on your team.

  • Junior - In the USA context, junior SEO experts often have up to 11 months of relevant experience and have delivered results along with certification or diploma programmes.
  • Intermediate - A SEO expert with 2-3 years of pertinent experience is regarded as an intermediate.
  • Senior - Senior SEO specialists have Three or more years of relevant expertise.

The SEO Specialists are experienced in:

  • Developing an SEO strategy that is tailored to the clients' goals
  • Link building, rank tracking, keyword research, and generating meta tags are all aspects of SEO content writing.
  • Knowing how to use SEO tools
  • Conducting technical audits and competitor analysis.

SEO Experts should also have understanding of the following:

  • Popular CMS and platform (WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento)
  • Content marketing

Hire Search Engine Optimization Specialists

  • Critical Thinking With Understanding of Unique Problems
  • Expert in the Art of Researching
  • Experienced Analysis & Decision Making
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