BPO involves contracting third-party vendors to provide specific business functions. Although at first, BPO solely applied to manufacturing entities, it now applies to the outsourcing of services as well.
Usually, companies and firms outsource to third-party firms in foreign countries with lower labor rates to save costs. But now you can outsource as an individual or professional either to firms in your own country or to independent freelancers as opposed to companies.
There are two main types of BPO services: the back office and the front office. Back office services include jobs with no customer interaction, such as billing, maintaining records, and accounting. Front office services include customer-facing jobs like customer service, sales, and tech support.
The advantages of BPO include flexibility, cost-effectiveness, speed, access to skilled manpower, and the ability to focus on core business functions.
Disadvantages of BPO can include communication problems, different time zones, and potentially a loss of control over real-time monitoring of outsourced tasks.
Common outsourcing tasks include human resource management, accounting, customer support and service, content writing, marketing, and web and graphic design. There's a wide range of roles you can consider outsourcing, including the ones mentioned in the provided list.
Yes, you can interview potential candidates and be actively involved in the recruitment process. You'll have the opportunity to conduct final interviews to ensure the candidates align with your requirements.
1Source BPO's talent acquisition team follows a rigorous recruitment process to ensure candidates meet your needs. They screen, interview, and test candidates to ensure quality. With their expertise, quality is a priority.
Staff hours can be flexible, and they will work according to your business's requirements. You can set their work hours to match your onshore team's business hours.
The impact on your local staff depends on your offshoring strategy. Offshoring can free up your local team to focus on higher-value tasks, ultimately benefiting them. It doesn't necessarily mean reducing local staff numbers; it can enhance the overall efficiency of your business.
1Source BPO handles facilities, IT support, marketing, recruitment, payroll, and HR. Clients are responsible for training their offshore team in business processes and keeping up communication between onshore and offshore teams.
1Source BPO takes data security seriously, and they have multiple security measures in place to protect your data. They provide VLANs for each client, firewalls, and additional safeguards as needed to ensure data security.
Yes, offshoring is not limited to large companies. 1Source BPO offers solutions that can benefit businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized organizations.
Yes, 1Source BPO is known for its efficient hiring process and can often complete the recruitment and onboarding of new team members within 72 hours. Their streamlined procedures help you build your offshore team quickly and effectively.
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