We’re building effective remote teams for impactful companies. Are you looking to expand your staff, but you are worried about the overhead spending, labor costs, or future turnover? If you’re trying to find a solution that’s tailored to your business, you have come to the right place. We know that hiring remote employees in other countries will be the answer you have been searching for, as we develop a virtual team that’s made specifically with your company’s requirements in mind. Our mission is to facilitate the discovery and recruitment of ideal remote team members while providing management solutions. We specialize in building great teams for great companies. Here is the extent of our services.

How Can We Help You?

  • We tap into the vast pool of highly skilled professionals from various fields who can execute job tasks efficiently and productively.
  • We assist you in discovering and hiring the most suitable candidates to work remotely for you and help you manage them.
  • We equip you with the tools and systems to monitor and direct your team remotely.
  • We make the entire hiring process simple and cost-effective for you.

Benefits For Employers

  • Producing cost efficiency within your business by decreasing labor costs.
  • Providing human resource augmentation to your existing workforce and making your in-house team more productive.
  • Allowing you to compete more efficiently against your competition.
  • Rendering professional career development opportunities for your current in-house team members.
  • Expanding potential within your team to overcome bottlenecks within your business and to minimize risk.
  • Being flexible and scalable as your business demands evolve.
  • Decreasing your overtime bill.

Save on Staffing Your Company

One of the biggest benefits of working with your team is that we will help you minimize your overhead, as much as 70%, so you can use your funds on things that are more important. We’re able to cut deep and improve efficiency across the board, as well as organize communication to take your company’s profitability to the next level.
While you save on employee wages and benefit costs, you’ll also be eliminating the time and resource burden associated with employee management. We handle all of that for you, while also reducing your turnover rate.


Your offshore team is hosted through our virtual company center, equipped with all the necessary resources for nearshore and offshore staffing, including:

  • Customer service representatives
  • Data entry specialists
  • Accounts Payable Specialists
  • Technical support staff
  • Virtual assistants

With Source BPO, you are hiring an offshore staff that is highly qualified and dedicated entirely to your team. Our headquarters are prepared to take on all the different demands set forth by your operation so you can take your productivity to its highest potential.

Become More Productive

We want to provide your company and remote teams with all the support and infrastructure they need to grow faster, and complete work more efficiently. While these teams improve their productivity, they’ll reduce costs along the way, improving your bottom line. That’s why we have strategic alliances that provide you with extra services for ongoing activities. We know that no two projects, companies, or cultures are the same, which is why getting to know you and your team is at the center of what we offer here.

Any service, requirement, or request from your company will be taken with the utmost seriousness here as we develop new services to support your offshore team. We will help you find the solution that is right for your company, no questions asked. You can rest assured you will be receiving the highest tier of professionalism and attention to detail that reduces your extraneous costs more than you ever imagined was possible.

    Services Tailored to Your Company

    We specialize in understanding the culture of your business, digging deep to uncover what makes it unique. We know that no two businesses are the same, and our staffing solutions are customized to each one of our clients. First, we meet with you to discuss what makes your business unique. We study your competitors and identify what makes you stand out in the market. From there, we find the right people to work as an extension of your company culture, as opposed to working in contrast to it. Seamless hiring will improve communication – and we all know that improved communication leads to better results for everyone at the firm.

    Unlike our competitors, that treat each business with a one-size-fits-all solution, we pride ourselves on getting to the root of what makes your business original. It’s that very cultural essence that will take your business profitability to the next level.

    Should You Outsource?

    We work with a team of offshoring specialists ready to work with you and your company. If you’re unsure if outsourcing is the right solution, please get in touch with our specialists so we can explain how this working arrangement will entirely change how you do business. Save money, scale, reduce turnover, and expand your business into new markets using our team today.


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