1Source BPO brings you the remote talent that can generate leads for your industry and audience. Great lead generation experts are people who crave leads and only feel satisfied when enough successful leads are generated and they keep getting better.

Digital landscape has revolutionised the intricacies of the Lead Generation ecosystem. It includes destination platform, message, funnel, user journey, measurement and many other variables.

Here are some of the traits of successful Lead Generation (not exclusive)

  • Research on TAM (total addressable market) and competitors
  • Creating strategy e.g. relevant platforms, best time to spread message
  • Focus Metrics, Complimentary Metrics: CPL (cost per lead), MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) etc
  • User Journey: Personalization, Themes, Tracking, Demographics based dynamic content and creatives etc.
  • Paid reach: It includes advertisements on search, buying online space, message delivery. 
  • Organic reach: SEO, Social media, Website landing page
  • Forms/Pages: Webinar, Scheduling Apps
  • Scrapping: Using softwares to extract email addresses and phone numbers from your TAM (total addressable market) and industry with consumer behaviour that connects with your user persona.

What’s needed for Lead Generation?

You need to have info on who could be your most relevant customers, what’s the type of clients you seek, what’s their purchasing power, where do your most prospects reside or conduct business at, along with knowledge that differentiates you from other competitors such as USP (Unique Selling Points).

Before your Lead Generation begins, it’s the best way to share your basic and operational information with the Lead Generation Team or individual.

Basic includes: Product or Service, Competitors, Audience (location, age group, industry, etc), Strength, Pricing Strategy

Operational includes: CRM, Stock units,regular feedback about leads from sales, Knowledgebase and repository on best practices etc.

Landing Page and Web

People usually visit your website to take a look around, but you need to offer them a reason to consider your services. At 1Source BPO Solutions, we work with front-end websites to generate leads, keep visitors as prospects, and eventually welcome them as possible clients.


Lead generation can be challenging when it comes to cost-per-action (CPA). Customers will pay attention to this because they will be personally involved in making payments through their clicks. We have been meticulously delivering leads in this area through our BPO services.

Google AdWords

When generating leads with Google AdWords, we must be honest. Direct response marketing that encourages the audience to take certain actions. In addition to our other top-notch BPO services, lead generation via Google AdWords is carried out effectively.

If you decide to work with us, you'll collaborate with a world-class offshore outsourcing team. We are concerned about providing the best level of lead generation process, so we never compromise on quality. For the best planning and execution of the most effective strategies, each client is carefully observed by our creative superiors and skilled employees. Many struggling businesses have turned to our services to dominate the market with the greatest outcomes. You may join them and possibly achieve even better outcomes.

Hire Lead Generation Experts

  • Excellent Communication to Maintain & Build Rapport With Customers
  • Persuasive Writing Skills To Incorporate in Marketing
  • Sales or Marketing Experience to Promote Your Business Efficiently
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