At 1Source BPO, we understand that your business is unique. Our recruitment process, from A to Z, is seamlessly tailored to your specific needs. We start by compiling your qualifications and requirements to better assist your team.

Our Approach:   

1. Skillset tests 
2. Psychometric, integrity, and emotional intelligence tests 
3. Background checks 
4. References checks 
5. Comprehensive job descriptions 
6. Our proprietary hiring and interviewing process 
7. Ethics tests   

We can also include any additional steps required by your team to ensure the right people are selected for the job. We work side-by-side with your business every step of the way, ensuring the results align with your expectations. 

Discovery Call

Where we map out your needs for tailored solutions 

During an introductory call, our dedicated Client Success Manager will have an open discussion to fully understand your business needs. We dig deep to analyze your pain points and obstacles, asking thoughtful questions to determine where we can provide the most value. By proactively listening, we map out tailored solutions for talent acquisition and outsourcing that directly address your unique requirements. 

Global Talent Hunting

We source top-tier talent tailored to your needs

Our extensive experience with specialized roles allows us to instantly tap into global talent pool to source candidates that check all the boxes. Rather than just matching skills, we prioritize finding the right culture-fit based on qualities you deem most important. Our insight helps us determine what profile attributes predict performance, ensuring we only select cream-of-the-crop talent tailored to your organizational needs. 

Profile Verification

Profile verification ensuring thorough background checks 

We take a step to verify candidate credentials and backgrounds prior to official submission. This allows us to uphold the highest ethical standards and provide full transparency. Thorough profile verifications give you the confidence that every hire we present has had their skills, experience and character validated to meet expectations.  

Interview & Onboarding

Getting the right fit through quality assessment and seamless integration 

Our rigorous interview process evaluates both hard and soft skills, assessing strengths, weaknesses, and company alignment. Once selected, we onboard new hires flawlessly so they can hit the ground running. With extensive training, mentorship, and support, we focus on seamless integration driving productivity and performance from day one. 

We work full-time in your time zone from our office to oversee the organization of the company.   

By hiring a virtual employee, you can save up to 70% of your time for more critical matters, such as launching new services, expanding into new markets, planning new sales or marketing campaigns, and addressing other essential demands at the company. We work in the background so seamlessly that you won’t even notice we are there as we take your business to a level you never thought was possible. 


No Upfront Fees or Commitment 

When you hire an offshore staff with our company, there are no binding contracts, upfront fees, or financial commitments. Instead, you'll experience the following benefits when you choose to work with us: 

- Significant savings on payroll 

- Decreased employee turnover 

- Less time spent on HR issues 

- Virtual employees working round the clock 

- Increased productivity 

- Increased profitability 

- Increased company loyalty 

- Decreased miscommunications and disorganization 

"Have Questions About Managing Virtual Teams or Beginning Your Outsourcing Journey?  

Our approachable experts are here to address your inquiries and offer a complimentary consultation to explore the possibilities of offshoring for your business. We’ll get back to your inquiry within 1 business day. 

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