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What Exactly Is Staff Augmentation, and How Does It Help Your Startup?

by Blog Team on

So you already have a fantastic project that is about to be developed into a startup. What you lack is a professional team to develop your concept into a reality.

This is a popular issue for entrepreneurs, who are unsure how to get things off by recruiting the best in-house talent. This is where the necessity for staff augmentation emerges for monitoring software development metrics and effectiveness.

Staff Augmentation plays a vital role since it is the staff that actually can make or break a successful startup belonging to any industry. Before we get into how staff augmentation will help a startup, let us first clarify the term.

What actually is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation specifically refers to the process of recruiting individuals to a competent partners capable of building strong teams to serve your in-house staff (s). The approach entails holding interviews to identify strengths and auditing prospective applicants with relevant qualifications and expertise, and the greatest part is that your outsourcing partner does it all.

So, how does staff augmentation help your startup from the onset? Let us investigate.

  • Recruitment becomes much more streamlined and time-saving.

You could, of course, recruit experts on your own. Taking interviews and shortlisting them, on the other hand, would not only be time-consuming but could also be expensive in the long run.

This is where a reputable staffing company with a team of professionals can relieve the pressure while still simplifying the whole process by recruiting the best professionals for the job. Only a staff augmentation consultant company with extensive expertise in the sector will provide you with the right manpower with an organized and comprehensive approach.

Notify your partner about your personnel requirements, and they will do the rest. Your workforce augmentation partner will handle all of the outsourcing needs and will hire the best professionals for you.

  • Increase the pace of the recruitment process.

A staff augmentation firm's team has years of experience hiring committed remote workers. Following the hiring process, a specialized group of individuals goes through a thorough screening process of potential recruits, from background checks to arranging interviews, taking follow-ups, conducting interviews, agreeing on payroll, and eventually settling them in the organization.

  • When opposed to in-house hires, staff augmentation is less expensive.

One of the most significant benefits that staff augmentation can provide to startups is the versatility of remote teams in terms of working hours and salary. As a result, a startup has complete freedom to scale up or down jobs as required, while only paying on an hourly basis for the duration augmented employees have served.

In many instances, you might recruit incompatible people in a rush, without considering whether they would be able to serve the purpose in the long run.

Staff augmentation is also a viable option when you use advanced expertise temporarily and do not want to have them for an extended period

  • Receive high-quality services from professionals of exceptional abilities.

When you have augmented personnel, you have a dynamic collection of remote workers with a variety of skill sets that are either rare or hard to find when you do it yourself. Different projects necessitate the presence of people with a diverse range of expertise, which is not often present among in-house workers.

You get all the capabilities covered because you have remote global workers who can take on tasks of any complexity. The recruiting process will take months if done on your own, but with a staff augmentation company, you can get them recruited in a matter of hours or days.

Why Does Traditional Staff Outsourcing Differ From Staff Augmentation?

While all procurement models claim to be the same, they have a thin line of differentiation for nonidentical distribution models to sell. Let us discern between the two and determine which startup growth strategy fits well and when.

In a conventional outsourcing model in place, the outsourcing partner entirely must complete the whole project without your intervention while maintaining complete control over it. Furthermore, costs and results are predefined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), with no allowance for changes at any time.

This is not the same for staff augmentation outsourcing, where project management is shared by both augmented and in-house personnel, allowing project modifications to be carried out according to convenience and project needs. Furthermore, results and costs are complex and dictated by the design of the project, growth, manpower needs, and running status.

When do you use worker augmentation? When time and expense are critical considerations for business growth, it is best to recruit augmented employees. It is better to outsource the project where there are no-cost or time constraints

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