Social media may assist your brand achieve countless possibilities, from promoting growth to generating leads and boosting sales. In fact, social media marketing will become a crucial part of your brand journey as the majority of marketing focus switches from offline to online.

However, hiring a team of committed social media marketing specialists may be expensive, particularly if your business is a small or medium-sized one.

You can make significant financial savings on your online marketing efforts by outsourcing your social media marketing strategy to 1Source BPO. Through timely tweets, Instagram-worthy photos, educational LinkedIn articles, and more, the talent you hire at 1Source BPO can also make sure that your brand remains relevant in the eyes of your current audience.

Whether you run a B2C or B2B business, social media marketing specialists will create campaigns specifically for each of your social media networks. By providing relevant and interesting material at the right time, you can boost website traffic and increase engagement on social media platforms.

There are six reasons why businesses hire Virtual Employees to handle their social media marketing:

  • Geolocation and consumer behavior are the foundations of our strategy.
  • Conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis.
  • Speed up the time it takes to respond to your social media posts.
  • For audience targeting, create personalized buyer personas.
  • Hire professionals for both sponsored and organic promotion.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook enables you to connect with your ideal target market. To reach the micro audience for your company and brand, SMM specialists upload and promote videos, photos, product collections, slideshows, discounts, and event promotions.

Instagram Marketing

You can utilize Instagram's visual capabilities to draw in millennials or any audience by using images, videos, carousels, and story advertising to increase their awareness of your goods and services.

LinkedIn Marketing

Utilize LinkedIn to enable particular ad types and bidding techniques. Hire SMM specialists to increase your brand's visibility via sponsored content, sponsored InMail, sponsored video, sponsored images, and targeted B2B audiences for lead generation and sales.

YouTube Marketing

Create original or edit your videos that audiences learn, enjoy and share. Hire a YouTube specialist to work on videos, non-skippable videos, sponsored card advertisements, display ads, remarketing, and skippable videos to promote your products or services.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool in addition to being a place for inspiration and ideas. Our SMM specialists help to route traffic to your website by promoting your blog posts on Pinterest.

Twitter Marketing

Develop your fan community to boost brand recognition and adherence. Hire SMM professionals to promote accounts, trends, and tweets. Boost web traffic, app downloads, video views, following, awareness, and lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Create material specifically for social media that targets your desired audience based on their demographics, age, career, and similar other factors.

Lead Generation

Plan successful methods and create leads through different social networks by hiring social media marketing specialists. This increases your sales and your brand's internet visibility.

Influencer Marketing

To find, contact, and interact with influencers that can have a significant impact on the audience for your brand, services, and products, hire 1Source BPO's accredited social media marketing professionals.

Hire Expert Social Media Marketers

  • Strong Communication Skills To Engage With Customers
  • Develop Innovative and Creative Content
  • Check Metrics and Reporting Effectively With An Analytical Mind
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