Why Offshore (How Does Offshoring Works)

With offshore workers, you can focus on what really matters—running a successful business—instead of worrying about where or how things are being done.

Collaborate (We discuss your resourcing requirements)

Before getting you on board, we will dive into your requirements and share with you how swiftly you can assign work to your newly assigned offshore team.

Make sure that you:

  • Have access to Cloud Services and Collaboration Apps like Google Drive, Zoho, Jira etc.
  • Licenses and certificates (if required)
  • ERP, CRM or Software's (if required to do the job by remote team)

If you answer ‘Yes’ to above questions then your business is good to have offshore resources. If you answer ‘No’, then probably you need to have on call with because you just might fulfil the checklist already but need someone to bring clarity for you.

How to get started?

  • Who will be the main contact person or teams?
  • Which talent are you most interested in?
  • What are your quarter and annual business goals?

We begin by tailoring our virtual talent solutions to meet specific requirements that you have. 

Detailing info like what your virtual employees will be doing on a daily basis, their KPIs, and how long they've been in similar roles as you require.

Recruit (We recruit and employ your team)

We review the positions you've outlined for your virtual employees  based on the scope of work you provided. 

In this info, please detail the ideal candidate's qualification, experience and skills, along with familiarity with relevant computer systems or SOPs. 

The requirements for your offshore workers should read just like those for your in-house workers. 

We review your specifications with precision and make them more relevant and attractive to the qualified candidates. 

We'll provide you with our top picks so you can fill the open positions with people who you like for your company's culture. 

Candidates can be screened and interviewed in the same manner as local applicants with tools like Zoom, Google Meet or any other.

We have office facilities in the Philippines, India and Pakistan, and once you've chosen the perfect candidate for your team, we'll get them all set up in one of our spaces with 24/7 connectivity. We make sure that everything they need, such as desks and computers, is ready for them to use on their first day as part of this procedure. 

We will be present each step of the way during the virtual employee onboarding process to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the technical or logistical obstacles that may occur.


Support (We host your offshore team)

After we've gotten your team set up in our office, you'll be responsible for arranging their training, which should cover topics like how to utilize your systems, the workflows and processes they'll be expected to follow, and the company's overall culture and values.

As soon as you are confident that they have mastered the necessary material, you may begin delegating assignments and monitoring their progress. 

All the work your offshore staff does may be delegated, coordinated, and organised in the same way it is for your onshore team.

That is to say, you may forget about hiring and operating a business in the USA because we'll handle everything on the ground for you remotely so you can focus elsewhere where you are needed.

You must invest time and energy into training and familiarising your offshore workforce with all of your systems and processes if you want them to be productive. 

Our offshore management team is responsible for the basic infrastructure that makes this possible.

Your offshore investments may not achieve their full potential if you do not put resources into building and sustaining your virtual employees.

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