A well-written technical content makes it easy to understand advanced technology and process topics like manufacturing, computer programs, SaaS and other similar topics. Significant value is delivered when it improves the customer experience, lowers risks, and enables learning about products or technology..

Typical Issues Encountered When Creating Technical Content

  • Documentation is written "on the side" by other employees due to a lack of dedicated resources for content writing.
  • Weak dialogue between engineers and content makers.
  • Too little effort is put into identifying and meeting the needs of specific demographics of customers.
  • Putting proper words on paper and getting them published is a tedious and unpleasant process.
  • Unorganised, and inconsistency in keeping content updated

Technical Manuals for Complex Products

You must provide easier yet complete documentation to your clients. Technical writers provided with the help of 1Source BPO will write user guides, technical manuals, product documentation or descriptions that resonate with your product and brand while also exceeding customer expectations.

Product User Guides

Technical writers make you move faster because they are ready to go and available full time for you. Technical content makers will understand your product and priorities. This means getting user guides and other content ready before the product or new features are launched.

Software User Help

User support that helps people get the most out of your software is a must. It is typically made available on the internet or within your software, either as an integral part of the user interface (UI) of the software itself or as separate web pages that can be accessed via in-app links. An excellent user guide minimises the need for users to contact support by facilitating self-service.

API Documentation

In order to facilitate developers' interactions with and integration of your software or application's API, you should provide them with a reference resource (typically an online portal). When deciding which tools to use for their projects, developers often place the greatest value on comprehensive documentation. While things like service availability or response time are important, complete documentation nonetheless is necessary.. So, it doesn't matter how great the service is, if developers don't know what an API can do or how to use it correctly, implementation will be too difficult.

Customer, Developer and Partner Portals

To do their jobs well, people need quick access to a variety of high-quality information sources. Portals for customers, programmers, and partners are a fantastic resource for this. There are three distinct portal types. Supporting and integrating processes, people, and information is the primary function of an information portal.

Content for Learning

It's not simple to train a workforce. Indeed, challenges will increase dramatically if it’s not there, work efficiency will suffer due to this. After going to the trouble of enrolling in training, participants quickly lose interest if they feel like they aren't getting their money's worth. The demands of their jobs make them less inclined to waste time on ineffective training opportunities like lectures, seminars, and online tutorials.

Technical writers can make learning easy for executive students and putting your product in a good light.

Best Practise in Technical Communication

The success of your business depends on the availability of accurate technical details about your products, systems, and operational procedures. With 1Source BPO curated virtual employees dedicated to you, you can put all of this data to good use. The reason for this is straightforward: when information is well planned, created, and presented, it has a greater impact. It's less complicated to both locate and comprehend. Expertise is needed to accomplish this goal effectively and reliably.

Hire Expert Technical Writers

  • Clear understanding and awareness of your product
  • In-depth knowledge of your product’s industry
  • Proficiency in popular technical writing software tools
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