All contemporary businesses rely largely on their IT infrastructure to run smoothly 24/7. Any problems inside the computer network, or customer support system of an organisation could result in devastating financial losses. In addition, the network architecture, remote hardware, and company-specific software that make up today's IT infrastructure make management a formidable task. Technical support personnel with the necessary experience and expertise to deal with such complex difficulties are essential to efficiently running your IT infrastructure.

If you need help with anything related to information technology, 1Source BPO's curated remote talent of expert technicians is available to help you. They can handle complex issues in any technology your business uses, including network design, remote hardware, and specialised software. 1Source BPO can get you IT support professionals in the USA, from entry-level specialists to seasoned executives, so you can rest assured that you will receive the level of service and support that you require.

We ensure that only the most qualified Technical Support Virtual Employees are shortlisted, we subject them to not one but multiple rounds of rigorous screening. 1Source BPO's aligned tech support staff can solve any problems you're having with proprietary software because they are all experienced in major technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux.

To guarantee the smooth operation of your business, 1Source BPO's curated remote technical support staff is well-versed in deploying specialists in solutions like ProProfs, Jira, Mojo, Freshservice, Zendesk, Zoho and many others.

Through Outsourcing technical support to our remote resources, you'll be able to pick and choose the most qualified IT pros to operate your business technicalities, removing the risk of malfunctions and maximising efficiency. 1Source We bring trained professionals who enable the company to offer high-calibre online tech assistance in the USA and throughout the world. 1Source BPO's clients have benefited from the knowledge and diligence of such IT talent who have ensured business functions run smoothly.

Why Do Companies Hire Technical Support Staff through 1Source BPO?

  • Expertise in major IT support software.
  • Experts with cross-industry experience and challenges
  • Top IT experts chosen from wide range of Talent
  • State-of-the-art solutions for reinforcing IT infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of new tech in existing network
  • 24*7 personnel availability for IT support services.

    Hire Qualified Technical Support Staff, Expertly Resolve Your Technical Complications

    • Troubleshoot Hardware & Software
    • Efficient Multitasking & Organizational Skills
    • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
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